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Ed Sheeran Trusts Just Four People…And His Wife

It can’t be easy being a world-class musician.

Going up on stage virtually every single night, singing and playing your heart out to scores of adoring crowds.

The problem is, when you do this, everybody seems to say that they love you just because they want something.

Turns out that this has put doubts in the mind of Ed Sheeran.

He recently opened up about the fact that crippling anxiety means that he only trusts five people in his life.

Ed Sheeran said that the pressures of fame are what have brought this upon.

He claimed that he no longer feels like a real person.

He feels as if he is nothing more than an animal in a zoo.

This has resulted in a lack of trust of people and, as Ed Sheeran claims, one of the reasons why he ended up moving away from London to the United States.

He felt that the clean slate would clear his mind to some degree.

Even now, he suffers from anxiety with regards to his wife.

He is not sure why she is still with him, despite the crippling anxiety that he currently suffers from.

Hopefully, he can deal with the issues soon.

Turns out, if you want to talk to Ed Sheeran, just walk over and talk to him.

He says that as long as you are not whipping out your camera to take a video of him, everything should be cool.

His new album launches this week.

Migraine and Tricks To Relieve A Stress Headaches

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Migraine and Tricks To Relieve A Stress Headaches

Migraine Leads To – Be Able To Understand Those To Prevent Migraines

Plenty of individuals have suffered migraine symptoms sooner or later over time.

Exactly what triggers a headache?

The reason why headache occurs?

They’re common but, important questions to think about.

As everybody knows, any headache is really a pain felt in the head or on the upper throat.

Medical research reveal that headaches are common in many people.

Lots of people suffer headache for many causes.

And you should know these types of different causes in order to comprehend and avoid its incident, when possible.

Headaches are classified into three varieties: primary severe headaches, secondary headaches and other headaches.

Let us consider the most frequent type which will be what medical professionals known as the primary headaches.

This kind of headache includes the most commonly introduced headache, the actual sinus headache relief.

While studies with this matter have not come up with a known lead to for this type of headache, several experts said these are results from contracted muscle tissues or associated with some changes in the brain chemicals.

Whatever it’s, the good thing is, severe headaches are almost never diagnosed as symptoms of serious illness.


Nonetheless, studies showed why these sinus headache relief are somewhat linked to one’s lifestyle and are easily inspired.

Now, let us know the most typical headache activates.

Stress is at the top list.

Many people are suffering from headache because of stress.

Stress could be experienced following being tensed.

A number of stress-causing activities include voluminous work at the post office in Hillsboro, an exciting activity with friends, the nerve-cracking event, and many more.

Another gets less sleep at night.

A less number of sleep-hours as compared to required can cause tension and could trigger any headache.

It is always important to have enough sleep to prevent headache.

A few foods together with food artificial additives like cheddar dairy product, chocolates, MSG, caffeine, etc. could cause sinus headache relief as well.


An individual might not know this, yet that maybe the meals he ate that triggered the particular headache to occur.

Other factors that may trigger the actual occurrence regarding headache incorporate depression and anxiety, food skipping, lack of exercise, exhaustion, hormonal changes like menopause or even pregnancy for women, smoking, alcohol ingestion, and others.

Getting medications is really a headache activate, too, specially when overused.

Typically, it’s unavoidable although, since medicines are generally than not, consumed daily as maintenance or maybe daily product.

But this matter could be remedied.

What you can do is consult one’s physician for a possible change of medicine if headache occurs frequently.

Summing everything up, it is clear that particular factors trigger headaches to occur.

And it could be helpful to determine the frequency of its occurrence to raised learn how to minimize it to happen if it cannot be stopped.

So you should keep track and note how often headaches occurs and in what manner it takes place.

Anything can help prevent sinus headache relief.

It’s merely a matter of lifestyle management.

So instead of based on various otc drugs such as Excedrin migraine for relief, producing some straightforward changes to your lifestyle might just solve the situation.

Headache Cures Quick 5 Easy Tricks To Relieve A Stress Headaches

Organic headache cures are getting to be ever more popular with people who want to get rid of their head pain.

Although pain killers can be quite a magic pill for a headache; these types of drugs are apt to have negative effects when used regularly.

Therefore, what exactly are some drug-free normal headache items?

If you have a stress-related head ache, you can find certainly something you can do yourself.

Sinus headache relief, also referred to as tension head ache, is the most frequent kind of headache.

Often, the actual daily demand of work and family is sufficient to place you under a lot of stress.

If you have to do under pressure all the time, it’s likely you’ll feel more and more irritable, troubled, and also have worrisome ideas.

The build up of bad emotions and a tired fatigue human body can certainly trigger a headache.

Most of us would not have the luxury to take a day removed from work whenever we have a headache.

Nevertheless, once you do go back home from work, there are a number of steps you can take to soothe the nagging headaches.

Listed below are {5} natural head ache cures.

They’re easy tips that have helped me get rid of my sinus headache relief after having a hectic time.

{1} Have a hot shower or bath tub.

Adjust your shower mind mode to “massage”.

This provides you a more powerful water apply.

{52}Direct the hot water spray at your neck and shoulders.

Let the jets involving water therapeutic massage your aching muscles.

The hot water can help the muscles to curl up and unknot.

I understand you might not feel like eating when your head will be throbbing.

But, when you have already skipped dinner during the day, the body will be starving.

And a low blood sugar will not help your headache.

{3}Eating several crackers or maybe slices of fresh fruits can help you regain several energy.

Make yourself a big mug regarding hot organic tea.

Ginger root, Peppermint, Chamomile or perhaps Lavender are herbs that can help soothe head ache pain.

If you do not have some of these herbs, drink a mug of cozy plain h2o.

Dehydration, or maybe not drinking adequate water can lead you to have a headache.

{4}Dim the particular lights and rest in bed.

If your head remains throbbing, put a cozy pack or a ice pack on your own neck or perhaps shoulders.

The heat helps to relax tight muscles and improve the circulation of blood.

And the cold pack helps to numb the particular nerves and reduce pain.

Try it, and see what type works much better.

{5}) Relax with songs.

Your ideas, emotions and worries can cause you mental fatigue and cause a headaches.

Listening to relaxing music will help you shut out the actual constant chatter in your head.

Binaural beats music might help you de-stress and relax completely.

I have found that hearing Totally Peaceful Mp3 has helped me get rid of the mind chatter and I often feel emotionally refresh after wards.

We realize that panic and anxiety can harm our health.

Sinus headache relief are the body signals suggesting to decelerate, rest and recharge.

You need to help your body and mind to de-stress.

Therefore, do make enough time to try these simple strategies for headache cures.

Computer World and Sony Dream World in Paris

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Computer World and Sony Dream World in Paris

Today we will go back in time and remember one of the best gatherings ever, it happened in Paris, 2003! 

This was one of my first interviews and it happened with nobody else but Pekka!? 🙂

A Senior Manager Of Mobile Game Development at Nokia? That was huge back in the days!

At the European Games Developers Conference (European Games Developers Conference) held in London, UK…

Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, a senior manager in charge of mobile game development at Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, said:

The future R&D strategy for the mobile phone premium game market will attract more consumers, which may break the current situation where the mobile game market mainly targets young consumers.

Kirsi said that with the development of communication technology, large-scale game development companies are now beginning to expand in the mobile game field.

For small game companies that previously occupied a certain space in this field, they are in the mobile game market.

Shang had to fight for survival.

Kirsi also said:

“It is foreseeable that the ‘survivor game’ in the game market will continue, because game companies large and small are trying to find the best living environment suitable for the company’s development.

Compared with 12 months ago, it is currently entering mobile market.

The game market is much more difficult, because many well-known video game manufacturers are now focusing on the mobile market, such as Electronic Arts, Sony, etc.

And some small game companies are not far behind and are still Survival is struggling.”

Kirsi said, the current mobile game market has nothing to compete.

However, competition among game manufacturers can give birth to new game markets, like Rise of Kingdoms Homepage.

For example, small investments can be used to attract specific game players, such as female game consumers, because in Europe, more than half of women have their own Mobile phones, so there must be a huge potential market here.

Kirsi also said that Nokia has achieved a leap in the field of game development by acquiring the game originator Sega this summer.

Nokia is currently trying to consider simplifying all its mobile game development procedures to encourage its game developers to launch newer game ideas, thereby attracting more consumers.

In addition, there are other ways to achieve the growth of mobile games.

For example, the current wireless game played between two players often requires an ordinary wireless connection, which requires high communication costs.

The Nokia 6600 launched by Nokia supports the Bluetooth function, which can help groups in a room to achieve joint games.

The price is low and I believe it will attract some consumers.

Nokia will launch a gaming phone called N-Gage in October of this year.

N-Gage looks more like a gaming device.

Nokia said that in order to make the mobile game cake bigger, they have set up a publishing department to develop game software for N-Gage.

Kirsi finally said, “Of course, the mobile game market still has to endure that the image of mobile games has a certain gap in clarity compared with dedicated game consoles and PC games.

But we believe that with the continuous development of mobile communication technology and the increase in network transmission speed, I think this will not become an obstacle to the development of mobile games.”

Sony Group held its annual “Sony Dream World” in Paris, France yesterday (2003).

During the conference, its subsidiary Sony Ericsson simultaneously released three new mobile phones, T230, Z200, and Z600.

Among them, T230 is the brand’s first gaming phone with a specially designed control panel, showing that Sony is facing Nokia’s scheduled global launch of the N-Gage gaming phone in October, and is ready to prevent Nokia from aggressively attacking the mobile gaming market.

Taiwan’s Sony Ericsson General Manager Ye Shun-fa pointed out that according to GFK’s statistics of Taiwan’s mobile phone sales in July, Motorola leads Nokia by 24% with 28%.

However, the two major brands have succeeded because of the success of Korean, OKWAP and BENQ.

The drop below 30% also highlights the popularity of Korean-style clamshell shell machines in the consumer market.

Sony Ericsson sees that the shell machine is currently sweeping 49% of the Taiwanese mobile phone market and decided to launch the first shell machine Z600 in GSM/GPRS in October.

The Z200 color screen mobile phone is scheduled to be launched after October.

It is a new type of mobile phone commissioned by Taiwanese OEMs.

Ye Shun-fa emphasized that the current market share of camera phones with built-in digital cameras in Taiwan has not exceeded 10%, and it is estimated that it will increase to 30% next year.

Among the camera phones currently on the market, the Sony Ericsson T610 has been favored by the consumer market at an initial price of 10,000 yuan, showing that the price is an important factor that determines the success of camera phones in the future.


How to advertise correctly

What is a quality advertising product and what not to do?

The main part of the requests with which clients-advertisers come to us, in general terms, looks like this:

“We want our Salehoo review to be interesting to consumers.”

It is trite but true: the key emotion that firms crave from their advertising campaign is interest in products.

And only with the plus sign.

How do you get such a product?

Many people remember high-quality, ideological videos on TV and radio stations.

For example, “World History.

Bank “Imperial” “or a surprisingly detailed advertisement for vodka” Smirnoff “from the distant 90s.

Why is it so memorable?

Because we approached the development of the video sequence as thoroughly as possible.

This does not necessarily mean expensive large-scale shoots with complex graphics or inviting a famous actor to read the text in the audio clip.

For a high-quality advertising product, a good idea, well-written text, and, most importantly, professional production are enough.

Good graphic advertising does not arouse disgust and educates taste, and video and audio clips with correct stress in words and simply listening to the text evoke pleasant emotions in the consumer.

What not to do – Advertising in detail

In the last 12 years, just since the first wave of the 2008 crisis, advertising products have been poor.

In view of the widespread budget savings, the content of the advertising product, whether it be a video sequence or an audio clip, is left to the mercy of the advertising companies themselves.

In order to save money, businessmen strive to independently come up with a concept and script for a video, text, or song.

A similar “model” is already being brought to the agency to make “something” out of it.

But the same builder or retailer is not a writer, screenwriter, or designer.

It turns out what it turns out… One might say that due to such an “initiative” an adequate connection between the entrepreneur and the consumer of the product is lost. It doesn’t work to arouse interest, but negative is easy.

And that’s why.

If the rules for advertising products are not followed, then the effect is directly opposite to interest.

People look at banal fonts, bad graphics, get used to the wrong accents, and begin to think that this is normal, or perceive such a product as a source of negative emotions.

In today’s print and video ads, typographic rules are lame on both legs.

Not everyone understands that font is important.

You can’t do with, say, Times New Roman and other stamps.

For a high-quality, interesting, and eye-pleasing product, individual type design is required so that its style and appearance are clearly associated with the product in the mind.

The same problems with the layout – the text is not aligned, not centered, plus there is a widespread love for capital letters, which is appropriate only in logos or, in extreme cases, to discharge letters.

The rules for writing telephone numbers are not followed either.

How to advertise correctly

Leaves much to be desired and color filling.

Objects can be crookedly cut and pasted into a questionable background, regardless of the rule of uniformity of lighting – in different colors, with blurry edges, with violations of geometry and perspective.

A separate headache for domestic advertising is slogans.

Often unjustified, bordering on delirium, according to the legendary principle “Whoever takes a pack of tickets will get a pump.”

Widespread stylistic and logical errors in the text.

Often the sentence is written in such a complex way that it is impossible to understand what the advertiser wanted to declare.

Speech errors constantly appear in audio and video clips.

There are the same problems in printed matter.

Video advertising also makes a mistake in strong audio compression.

It’s about how the viewer gets the feeling that the volume has increased.

In fact, this is not the case, the volume level does not change – there is a law in this regard, which, alas, does not say anything about sound compression.

But the effect for the viewer is to press the mute button or switch to another channel.

Of course, there are advertising techniques “the worse the better”.

When a “crooked” word is annoying, the video is remembered: “Washed in ordinary washing powder”, “Tell me, what am I doing here?” or a poster with the words “Balconies Glazing”.

Yes, of course, this is also an interest, but with a minus sign.

But it is unlikely that this goal was set by the advertiser.

Separately, these nuances seem like little things, but these are the details in which the devil is hidden.

All of the above errors of the advertiser tell the consumer about disrespect, which is why the name and product of the company are discredited.

Nowadays aesthetic pleasure is provided to consumers only by single, but, in the bulk, foreign videos (for example, auto advertising).

Domestic business often saves on the production of a video.

But, paradoxically, it does not save on rotation at all.

And the sums of money are incomparable.

For example, a TV commercial may be bad, and its production will cost about 2–3 thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, the cost of a minute in primetime on the main channels exceeds 1 million rubles.

That is, if a minute of airtime for advertising in prime time costs 1 million rubles, then one display of a 5-second video will cost 83,000 rubles.

In fact, the development of a “turnkey” advertising product by professionals in this field is only 0.5-1% of the same cost of rotation in TV and radio broadcasts, which allows you to keep within the budget.

Now, especially during the crisis, when consumer capacity is falling, it is simply necessary to revive the culture of advertising production with the help of the services of professionals in the field.

Only in this case, emotions will be correct, and the products will find a response from the consumer. 

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When it comes to a person same plumbing, occasionally it is engrossing to intend an overview of the subject. With that in mind, we wage you the persona of plumbing finished the phylogenesis of society.

The articulate plumbing derives from the dweller articulate for lead, plumbum. Plumbing is a rank change that entireness with pipes, tubing, and plumbing fixtures that are fashioned to wage potable liquid and to pipage waste. Plumbing dates backwards to the early civilizations. The Romans, Persians, Indians, and Asiatic every had base plumbing systems. They were ofttimes participating with the cater of liquid and squander remotion was careless at best. It was in the palaces of the rulers that whatever of the early examples of interior plumbing were found. The ordinary people were pretty such on their own.

It was not that grouping did not desire richness and concealment when performing base functions. Archaeologists in China fresh unearthed a 2,000 assemblage older commode in a spot shapely for an Emperor. It was rank with streaming water, a pericarp seat, and a easy armrest. Of course, since it was in a tomb, it was witting for ingest after his death. There were rattling rattling lowercase improvements in plumbing methods and materials for centuries. A qualifying of Queen Elizabeth prefabricated an endeavor to concoct a “privy” that would wage the Queen Mother with a lowercase comportment and privacy, but he became a happy hit as a termination of his efforts. Another digit cardinal eld would transfer before more earnest attempts would be made.

Source: plumber levittown

The conception of the dowse commode is widely acknowledged to be the impact of digit saint Crapper who was a author plumber in the 19th century

While it was genuine that he did papers individual plumbing inventions, and headlike a class that produced, among another things, toilets, another men had actually finished the actual inventing before he came along. In World War I, dweller doughboys in England saw the study of Crapper’s class on toilets around London. They coined the constituent “crapper”, and it has cragfast especially in the military.

It was not until the mid 19th century that open sanitation, the requirement for potable water, the comely voiding of waste, and modify the lawful habit of washing became common. It haw hit been because of the actualisation of the unification between unhealthful conditions and disease. The brainstorm of bacterium and the discernment of their persona in diseases that had been ending grouping since the daybreak of instance haw hit been the accelerator that spurred the ontogeny of plumbing. It haw hit meet been that its instance had arrived along with the another subject advances that hit led us into a newborn edge.

Plumbing was sure a ontogeny industry during that Golden geezerhood when the humane concern was converting from no plumbing to flooded plumbing. Between the eld of 1928 and 1954, the sales of plumbing products and liquid vaporisation equipment went from 498 meg dollars a assemblage to a staggering 2.33 1000000000 dollars a year. Now, potable or innocuous liquid is required by accumulation in most matured nations. Proper cleaning and the innocuous remotion of squander is the acknowledged norm. Plumbing has embellish a symbolisation of civilization, and retains its locate among the ranks of the rank professions of the world.

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Ten Ways to Please an Editor

1. Welcome feedback

If an editor gives you feedback on QW DEV Portal Finder, don’t argue with what they say, just thank them, make the changes, and keep their comments in mind for the next time. Although they may not believe it, many writers probably couldn’t hack it as an editor. Editors know a lot of obscure stuff about words and what to do with them. It’s a different (although not completely unrelated) skill than writing. Try asking for feedback from time to time. Every so often, I’ll ask my editors if there are any changes I can make to my writing that will help meet their needs. Then I make those changes.

2. Meet your deadlines or die trying

This goes without saying, but it’s part of the job description of a writer. If you can’t meet deadlines, don’t be a writer.

Of course, sometimes stuff happens. I think most editors are understanding, as long as you keep them posted, preferably in advance of missing the deadline, and don’t make a habit of it.

3. Give more than expected

And do it gladly and consistently.

4. Be easily reachable

Put contact info on every e-mail. Get a fax, pager, and/or a cell phone. Know that voicemail does not substitute for your live voice on the other end of the phone. When you sit at your computer, have e-mails pop up on at least every 60 minutes. Also, for when you are out an about, get an e-mail pager (eg, BlackBerry, Cingular Wireless, about $200, plus $50 a month for service–the best business investment I ever made).

5. Do corrections and rewrites as fast and as well as you can

It’s like ripping off a band-aid and about as much fun.

6. Consider an editor’s needs and suggest ideas from time to time

Do this not just to get work for yourself, but with the idea of meeting the needs of the publication and helping your editor out. It’s a subtle difference, but self-interest has a way of being detected after a while, and it always works against you.

7. Suggest other writers if you can’t do a job

Get to know other writers that you feel comfortable recommending to clients. That way you help your client and another writer at the same time. Don’t worry that a client will start giving regular work to another writer that you suggest rather than you; it doesn’t seem to work that way. You always get back what you give in one way or another. You can also refer them to my jobslist.

8. Don’t become nasty over money or contract issues

Either accept the terms of a contract or politely decline the work and move on. And no, I’m not suggesting signing a lousy contract. Some writers might disagree with this approach, but I don’t see the point of haggling over contract and money issues and creating ill feelings. You might get the terms you ask for, but you may end up unwittingly sabotaging what may have been a long-term and ultimately more profitable relationship. If a client is late in paying you (note that editor is usually not the one responsible for the late payment), be extremely polite and friendly about it. If a client is late more than a couple of times, once you have received payment, then just be “busy” whenever they call with future work. No reason to elaborate.

9. Give a gift of appreciation

An online gift certificate for a book store for the holiday season is appropriate. Only do this if you know them well, they’ve given you lots of work throughout the year, and you truly feel grateful to them, otherwise it may seem weirdly manipulative. Don’t ask me how I know this.

10. Respect an editor’s time

Don’t bug them and keep your e-mails short, asking as few questions as possible in order to do the job to spec.


Health from Nature

Free radicals cause turmoil within the body.

Oxidation occurs inside the body during the normal process of metabolism. It is also caused by air pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, sunlight, environmental chemicals and exposure of metals and biological materials (including food) to oxygen.

A free radical is an unstable molecule, often a form of oxygen, that reacts with other molecules in a destructive way. Why is this dangerous? Molecules are stable when they have pairs of electrons around their nucleus. When the number is uneven, it is unstable, and that free radical steals an electron from another molecule…this theft of electrons is called oxidation.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that punch holes into our body’s cellular walls, damaging DNA, the genetic material within. As this damage accumulates, our bodies become rusty, like an old car. A rust bucket of a car is likely to break down. A body damaged by free radicals has a reduced capability to combat aging, cancer, hardening of the arteries, and other degenerative changes. An excessive amount of free radicals cause diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

Oxidation at work

Take a bite out of an apple and expose it to the air for a few minutes. The exposed flesh of the apple soon turns brown. That’s oxidation. Oxidation provides needed energy for life, yet within our bodies the process is a two-edged sword. Unfortunately, a small number of the oxygen molecules we breathe are converted within our bodies to unstable free radicals. Free radical-caused oxidation produces premature aging and sets us up for serious illness, including cancer and heart disease. Natalie Angier, science reporter for The New York Times, calls the damage by free radicals “the price we pay for breathing.”

Oxidation is literally decay. Oxidation in our environment is seen as rusting of metal, rotting of meat, browning of apples, and the brittle changes in old rubber. Oxidation in our bodies, like rust or rot, is thought responsible for premature aging, wrinkling of skin, hardening of arteries, stiffening of joints, formation of cataracts, development of cancer…

“Because of overexposure to free radicals, our bodies need help. Because our diets are inadequate, we need to take antioxidant supplements. Premature decay leads to premature aging, degenerative disease, and life-threatening illness.

The link between free radicals and disease

“It’s the most important medical discovery of the last 50 years,” claims a former heart surgeon. “In a few years, Nobel Prizes will be awarded to the scientists who are making these discoveries — Unlocking the secrets of aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis…and a whole list of medical problems.”

What is this revolutionary discovery? It’s the link between free radical (oxidative) damage and disease. And the former surgeon and heart specialist making these bold statements also claims a 99% success rate reversing heart disease–in patients who have been told they need angioplasty or bypass surgery–with antioxidant therapy.

Robert Willix, Jr. M.D., states his case very strongly, “There is a single cause responsible for aging, cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and a host of other ailments,” he says – free radical damage. Dr. Willix calls nutritional antioxidant therapy the biggest medical breakthrough since Pasteur proposed the germ theory of disease. Poor nutrition leads to disease Many other medical experts are making equally strong statements about the relationship between nutrition and disease. In March 1994, The Alliance for Aging Research, a non-profit senior citizens group in Washington DC, announced that their panel of medical experts had concluded that “a diet rich in antioxidants is effective in guarding against heart disease, cancer, cataracts, and other conditions associated with aging.” Most of us may think that we eat balanced, nourishing meals. However, studies show that at least 80% of Americans do not get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. The most frequently consumed foods are coffee, white bread and sugar, in that order. Not to mention the shortfalls of the prevalent “fast food diet”. Even if we prepare “well-balanced” meals, how can we be sure that the food is not nutrient- poor? Due to over-farming, chemical farming, processing, and refining, the nutrient content of much of our food is questionable. Thus, many believe that the majority of Americans are overfed and under-nourished.

THE NUTRITIONAL SOLUTION: Antioxidants A common term for free radical scavenger is “antioxidant.”

Antioxidants protect our cells from unhealthy oxidation by free radicals. Many components of a healthy diet are, in fact, antioxidants. The two most well known antioxidants are vitamin C and vitamin E. Thousands of research reports have been published in scientific journals all around the world about their importance to health. Vitamin C is water soluble and is important in protecting the “aqueous” parts of our cells and tissues, while vitamin E is oil soluble and protects the “lipid” portions, especially cellular membranes. Antioxidants and other phytochemicals (phyto = plant) are Mother Nature’s protection from assaults by free radicals. Masquelier’s OPCs are as much as 20 times more potent than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E in their ability to provide antioxidant protection. The potential benefits of antioxidants appear more obvious with each study on nutrition and disease. Some experts even predict that antioxidants will revolutionize health care – that we’ll be able to test your sensitivity to oxidative stress, treat you accordingly with specific supplements, and extend life longer than anyone currently thinks possible. “One key to stopping premature aging and preventing many degenerative diseases is for the body to be able to repair the damage that does occur. The other key is to protect the body’s tissue cells from the free radicals before they cause mutations. Antioxidants are substances with free-radical chain-reaction-breaking properties. They include any substance that significantly delays, inhibits, or prevents oxidation caused by free radicals. Phytochemicals are literally chemicals that come from plants. These plant chemicals fight many diseases. Many photochemicals are antioxidants, but they also have other properties, such as stimulating plant growth, and providing color to plants and flavor to vegetables. In humans, phytochemicals enhance the body’s own healing powers.” (Dr. Anderson’s Antioxidant, Anti-aging Health Program, by James W. Anderson, M.D. & Maury M. Breecher, M.P.H., Ph.D., 1996)

Stop the destruction

Is antioxidant therapy really the biggest medical breakthrough of the last 50 years? We believe it is, as do other prominent researchers and physicians. We also foresee that general acceptance of antioxidant therapy in the medical community will be slow. It may be another 20 years before the majority of physicians fully realize it’s importance and potential.

Until then, we can sympathize with Louis Pasteur, father of the last great breakthrough in modern medicine, who was widely ridiculed for proposing that surgeons should wash their hands before operating. WHO IS DR. JACK MASQUELIER? In 1947, Professor Jack Arthur Masquelier was the first to hold the result of his first patented invention in the palm of his hand: oligomeric proanthocyanidins, better known as OPCs. Dr. Masquelier’s products have a proven scientific track record of over half a century. They have been validated in France by the Ministry of Health and production takes place under control of French Pharmaceutical inspection. The antioxidant qualities of MASQUELIER’S� OPCs is what makes them so very potent against free radical attacks usually responsible for the many forms of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer. Medical studies conducted at the University of Illinois demonstrate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of OPCs in the membranes of grape seeds. They have the ability to inhibit all three phases of the cancer process: initiation, promotion and progression.

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Kisangani Zaire – Our Favorite Cameraman in 2020

Kisangani must have been one of the toughest stories most cameramen ever covered, we guess he use these lenses buying guide for Nikon D3500 camera on Putlocker. Not only were the images so horrific, beyond anything anyone had ever seen, but it also had a physical toll on the cameramen. Disease was all around. Diseases that the Western world had never even heard of. And many fell ill.

Into the Heart of Darkness The trip from Nairobi to Kisangani took the whole day, flying over the land of a thousand hills and a thousand lakes, and finally over the Zairian rainforest. This rainforest hid diseases unknown to man and science. The land where the Ebola virus is believed to have originated, where malaria, dysentery and salmonella are a part of daily life. This forest would be home to us for the next three weeks. We were all a little bit nervous, as we did not know what we would be facing there. Looking down from 19000 feet, nothing indicated the suffering and the fears of the land. Distance is a great barrier, you felt untouched, safe, flying above the clouds. From up there, the forest looked like a massive broccoli vegetable. You could not see land below, only the treetops of the tropical forest, and it made you wonder how the hell the refugees had crossed this land without perishing. We would not have survived a week in this hostile land, but the refugees had been walking through it for the previous six months. And that was where we were heading, to see those refugees, to bring their images to the attention of the outside world.

Thousand of refugees walked for months to come here

A child waits for food Located in the middle of the forest, the camp was a carrier of disease.

The refugee camp was on the other side of the Congo River. Everyday cameramen, journalists and aid workers crossed this large river, either in the state run ferry or in dug-out canoes. The ferry was in bad shape, an aid organization having donated a water pump to pump out the water the ferry took in, and the 15 minute crossing seemed to take forever. Everybody joked that you should make sure you were at one of the ends of the ferry, for if it capsized you could jump off quickly. The dug-out canoes were slower and probably not that much safer, but you could not take your vehicle on them so the ferry was the only real way to cross.

Once across, you had a one hour drive through the rain forest on a narrow dirt road, and with the constant rain the trip became exciting! But you were in no hurry to get to the camps; the images you saw there were ones many of us had seen before. These people had walked for six months through the most hostile environment, weakened by malnutrition, disease and war wounds, and it was a wonder they had made it that far. People with open skull wounds, broken limbs, dying babies…

The rain made things harder. Water (a carrier of disease) was everywhere, human extracts floating around, people lying in the mud too weak to stand. The images were apocalyptic. You couldn’t stop wondering if you had reached hell without knowing it. But the cameramen were there again, and behind the protection of the viewfinder filmed images that would remain in history, images that brought the story to the world. Editors did not have a problem of sufficient good shots; the problem they had was what they could show on TV. Did people back in Europe really need to see a woman wandering around in the mud, her head split open, maggots eating her dead brain cells?

It was hell on earth. I remember a good friend, a photographer who had seen wars and destruction so many times before, who could take no more and went home.

Those were the kind of images one confronted daily, but that was only the beginning. After we had all left that God forsaken place we soon discovered what kind of a price we had to pay for having been there. Cameramen and journalists started to fall ill, the issue being who and how they had fallen sick. Malaria was the most common cause, followed by salmonella and dysentery. One cameraman contracted something that baffled even the British Tropical Disease Center. There was one ironic story: a UN freelance photographer escaped with no illness whatsoever, only to be hospitalized in Nairobi, after being hit on the head in a mugging incident. We all felt for him, to survive in Kisangani and get it in Nairobi, that’s the way Africa makes you pay, eventually. No cameramen died from Kisangani, but the danger of disease was so great that it prompted the BBC to do a special presentation by Martin Dawes, the correspondent, on the dangers we had all faced there. Who is David Hands

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Mario Kart DS – Still the best classic game in 2020

To me, Mario is like gold. When you see his face on a game, there is a 99.9% chance that the game will be fun and innovative. He is one of the most beloved characters in videogame history. When I was in LA a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going hands-on with Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS system. This was a game I have been dying to play for the double screened gaming system for a very long time. I finally had my chance to do just that. In the very large and cool-as-hell Nintendo booth, I played against 3 other players in Mario Kart DS. One player was on a TV screen in front of us playing from Nintendo HQ. That person was none other then the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet. I started out in 1st place for the first lap, but someone ended up owning my parse with a shell and I ended up in 3rd. Either way, Mario Kart DS was a great experience not only in what this system can do in terms of power and looks. But also the fact that we were all playing on Nintendo’s WIFI Internet connection.

Image source rocket league boosting

Everything ran smooth, and it felt like everybody was in the same room playing. If this is what is to come from Nintendo’s WIFI service, I truly cannot wait!

The track we played on was a basic Mario Kart track. It was basically a full circle track with no bells and whistles like most of the other tracks have in Mario Kart games. The finished product will have about 30 tracks with some from the past few Mario Kart games for the SNES, N64 and GameCube. Everything ran at a smooth 60 fps and it felt like I was playing the GameCube version in the palm of my hands. The graphics are some of the best I have seen on the DS. Bright and colorful character designs as well as the tracks. Everything just looked awesome. And I just sat there in awe of the game, not realizing what I was playing until I sat in my bed in the hotel that night. I thought to myself :Damn, I just played Mario Kart DS! Let’s just put it this way, it earned my vote for Portable Game of the Show.

The tracks still have those special rainbow boxes that you can run into and collect various power-ups and special items.

I kept getting those special speed mushrooms that will give your kart a nice speed boost. But even those were not enough to save me from the humiliation of going from Hero to Zero. The sounds and music are pure Mario Kart. Very poppy Mario-esque music along with the many great voice samples from all of the cool Nintendo characters. I also found that the feel of the DS during the game was also very comfortable. Everything felt just… good! Controls are your basic Mario Kart greatness. Everything just seemed too perfect, but it does help when you are playing against the man who has voiced Mario, Luigi and Wario. I was buttered up, and I was loving every minute of it! Charles Martinet would break out in voices during the race, making everybody laugh and lose concentration. Thats fine though, I’d rather have come in 3rd and played against a legend then come in first and not play against him at all.

So my thoughts on Mario Kart DS? Lets put it this way my Nintendo loving friends (and Nintendo enemies, I know you are out there! Curse you all!) Mario Kart will be worth the wait. You will be able to see greatness in the next coming months when Nintendo releases this title to the masses that slowly and eagerly await it. I was impressed with the few minutes I had with it, and I even look down on my desk at the Mario Kart DS stylus that I got for playing it. How I miss you Mario Kart DS. But fear not… I will be playing you before too long on my Nintendo DS. Yes my friends.. it will be worth the wait.

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Play a Great Range of Slots on Your Smartphone at NextGen Mobile Casinos

To any of our readers, NextGen might feel like one of the smaller casino software developers in the world and we couldn’t really disagree with that, although they do have an established track record of success behind them, having been formed in the late 90s. While they’re one of the older players in the industry, one of the main reasons for them still being considered as something of a smaller developer revolves around their selection of games. Indeed, even if they had released a new game every year that they have been in business, their selection would be larger than it is now.

Another slight issue for many players is that the company only deals in slots. We are firm believers that any casino that is worth playing at, mobile or otherwise, needs to tick certain boxes when it comes to games. An eclectic mix of slots, table games and video poker are the bare minimum for any operator and the latter two are missing from the NextGen portfolio. They have their own game delivery platform, Nix Interactive, but it simply is not the kind of thing that many casinos would take a risk on alone as players expect more than just slots.

It is for this reason that many casinos opt to carry NextGen’s games alongside a more established developer and why the company is likely to remain one of the small fish in the industry. Nevertheless, it has managed to make the best of the situation with various other platforms carrying the NextGen range as standard, not least the well-known Quickfire platform.

NextGen Mobile Games vs 토토사이트

While NextGen’s scope may be somewhat limited, they have taken the increasing popularity of mobile casino gaming as something of an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Having released only a dozen online slots in as many years, the availability of a whole new industry has seen barely a week go by without a new mobile slot release from the company. Like Microgaming, which is at completely the other end of the spectrum when it comes to size, NextGen has built its own development and delivery platform around HTML5. What this effectively means is that any newly designed and developed game is instantly suitable for desktops, mobile and tablets as soon as it hits the virtual casino floors.

While the company has not shifted away from its vision as a slots only provider and this will continue to mean that it will never be the sole provider behind any mobile casino, the fact that they have reinvented themselves almost puts them in the category of a mobile only developer. Whereas their online slots were showing their age and kind of plugged on with reckless abandon, their mobile slots all feel new, fresh and of excellent quality. Not all of their games are graphical masterpieces by any stretch, but the likes of Genie Wild and Medusa indicate a certain level of proficiency and commitment to the mobile gaming market that is always a pleasure to see. It is also no coincidence that NextGen has been picking up industry awards for the first time in recent months, which indicates just how far they have come as a developer.

Where to Play NextGen Mobile Games

As noted, NextGen never looked likely to be the kind of casino developer that was going to single-handedly power a mobile casino. Fortunately, a common trend in the industry at the moment is to pull together as many different developers as possible for a wide and varied selection of games. After all, different players have different ideas of what makes a good game, not to mention their own personal favourites and if a mobile casino wants to sign up such a player as a member then it is up to them to ensure that such a game is available on their platform.

Two of the biggest names in mobile casino gaming that operate as such games aggregators are Vera&John Mobile Casino and Leo Vegas. At each of these operators you can enjoy literally dozens of games on your smartphone or tablet, although the most important thing in our coverage of NextGen is of course that all of the company’s slots are also available as part of that range. With the likes of Microgaming taking care of table games and video poker, NextGen has a thoroughly suitable route to market where they can focus on what they do best. You can find out all about Vera&John Mobile and Leo Vegas, two of our most highly recommended operators, in the mobile casino review section here on the site.