Add Transition Effects between Movie Clips in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is well known Video Editing application for home users implemented in Microsoft Windows. With him, every home user can capture, edit and export his home movies to another home video camera, digital video recording device or just on DVD discs.

Non-professional home videos are specific with short movie clips scenes, because the recording of live scenes are spontaneous and without any preparation like lights, decors, etc. For this we just hurry press Record button on the camera and press it again when the action scene is finished. For this on one video storage (video tape, miniDVD, memory card) very frequently have written many video files with short duration. To get more smooth performance when playback it is good to insert some transition effects on the clips to get some blending feel on the audience when the video scenes are changing.

With this tutorial I will show you how to add transition effects between movie clips in Windows Movie Maker.

First Import your video clips into Collections like shown on the picture below:

Next put the video clips on Storyboard panel. Here you can arrange the video clips depending on the place where recorded, by chronological order or just to be suitable for adding the transition effects.

When ready open Video Transition and select the transition. To preview the transition click on it and next play in the preview player. When you choose suitable transition, select it and next drag and drop to Storyboard panel. Transition have to be placed in small container between the movie clips which you want to be blended with this transition like shown in the picture below:

When ready go to File / Save Movie file … and wait until the file is saved. Now lets see the result: Get the Flash Player to see this content.