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How to Buy Instagram Followers in London: A Comprehensive Guide

In the age of digital marketing, Instagram has become a dominant platform for businesses and individuals alike.

Whether you’re a brand looking to increase your visibility or an influencer aiming to boost your credibility, buying Instagram followers could be a viable strategy.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the process of purchasing Instagram followers in London and highlight some of the best sites to do so.

The Importance of Instagram Followers

Instagram has grown to become one of the most influential social media platforms globally.

With over a billion monthly active users, it offers a vast audience for businesses and individuals.

Growing your Instagram following isn’t just about vanity metrics.

It’s about building a strong, engaged community around your brand or persona.

Having a large number of followers increases your social proof, making your account appear more credible and trustworthy.

This can lead to higher levels of engagement and more monetization opportunities.

The Concept of Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers involves paying for a service to add followers to your Instagram profile.

These followers can be real people who have chosen to follow you in exchange for some form of incentive or bot accounts created solely for this purpose.

Purchasing followers can provide a quick boost to your Instagram profile, helping you gain visibility and attract more organic followers.

However, it’s essential to choose a reputable service that provides high-quality, active followers to ensure that your account remains safe and effective.

Top Sites for Buying Instagram Followers in London

There are several reliable platforms where you can buy Instagram followers from London.

These sites offer various packages, allowing you to choose one that suits your budget and needs.

Here are some of the top sites: is a trusted platform for buying Instagram followers in London.

They provide real, active followers from the UK, ensuring that your account remains safe and effective. offers instant delivery and round-the-clock customer support, making them a reliable choice for your Instagram growth needs.

Understanding the Cost of Buying Instagram Followers

The cost of buying Instagram followers in London can vary depending on the service you choose and the number of followers you want to purchase.

On average, you can expect to pay between £1 and £10 for 1,000 fake followers.

However, real, active followers tend to be more expensive, ranging from £19 to £40 for 1,000 followers.

Safety and Legality of Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers in London is perfectly legal, and when done through a reputable service, it’s safe for your account.

However, it’s essential to remember that Instagram’s terms of service discourage inauthentic behavior, including purchasing followers.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a service that provides real, active followers to avoid violating Instagram’s policies.

Increasing Organic Instagram Growth

While buying followers can provide a quick boost to your Instagram profile, it’s also essential to focus on organic growth strategies.

These include consistently posting high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, and collaborating with other influencers in your niche.


Buying Instagram followers in London can be an effective way to boost your Instagram presence, especially when combined with organic growth strategies.

However, it’s crucial to choose a reputable service that provides real, active followers to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your account.

Whether you’re a brand looking to increase your visibility or an influencer aiming to boost your credibility, buying Instagram followers could be a viable strategy.

Always remember to use this tool responsibly and in conjunction with other growth strategies for the best results.

How does Twitter work?


How does Twitter work?

This article is a preliminary look at the basics of how Twitter works.

Twitter is an instant microblogging tool that allows users to post short text messages or “tweets” in the form of 140 characters or less.

Many Twitter clients also allow users to see tweets from other people as they are posted.

Twitter can be used just like a regular blog with the only difference being that each message will appear on your desktop, mobile phone, and online browser when you view it.

The only difference is that the recipient of your message sees your tweet while the sender will not.

What can be said about Twitter is that it really doesn’t do anything that no other social media platform can’t do.

The one major difference between Twitter and other platforms is that Twitter has a much shorter messaging format.

Unlike Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, there is not a lot of space devoted to long posts or even real-time conversation.

If you want to Retweet a link you have to save it to your Twitter page and then Retweet it within minutes or risk the possibility of the post being deleted.

The same goes for a link to a website, a blog post, or a status update, as well as a direct message.

Because Twitter is a very visual networking site, many of the messages that you see will actually be text, rather than an image or a video.

For example, if you saw a tweet containing a photograph and the author was trying to sell you on something, rather than clicking on the link, you would more likely take the photo and write the name of the link you want to follow.

That’s because every Twitter user needs to fill out a “nickname” to put on their profile which is like a nickname for them nicknames are used to make online connections.

Another big difference between Twitter and some of the other popular social media tools is the level of privacy that is allowed.

In order to get a nickname, you have to submit them to the Twittersphere first, which causes a big uproar in a lot of different Internet privacy issues.

To avoid this, Twitterers opt to use their real names or use initials or just their first initials.

The co-founders of Twitter have indicated that they don’t plan to invade individuals’ privacy, but they do enforce their own rules against spamming.

They have also stated that the company will not change the way it does transactions, so those who want to get ahead of the curve need to get ahead of the curve by using their private user ID instead of their business or personal ID.

A huge part of what makes Twitter so unique is that it allows people to post up to 140 characters.

This alone has helped it grow into a social networking site that is second only to Facebook in terms of daily active users.

Twitter is also the home of some of the most entertaining and controversial blogging that there is, as well as the search engine that Google has deemed to be one of the best on the web.

With all these factors working towards Twitter becoming one of the biggest online phenomena in a very short amount of time, it is no wonder that every Web CEO is seeking ways how does Twitter work.

In order to answer this question, it would probably be best for a Web CEO to start his or her own Twitter account and follow some of the more popular people on the microblogging site.

Most successful Web entrepreneurs will have their own blogs, writing about how to get a Twitter handle that is inactive, so it would make perfect sense to add a Twitter account to them.

The first step will be to add your Twitter name to your business name when you are ordering materials through your chosen Web supplier.

Then you can send out your tweet to your 100 million followers, which is how does Twitter work.

You can start by sending out a simple message asking your followers if they would like to see your Twitter name in a particular tweet, then simply attach it to your post.

If you do this properly, your Twitter post will become viral, as it will be featured on various Web sites and will reach an incredible number of followers in a very short period of time.

Is it illegal to have a poker game?

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Is it illegal to have a poker game?

Is it illegal to have a poker game on the Internet?

The short answer is yes.

While many websites that offer poker are not actually illegal, some laws do prohibit playing online poker in certain areas or for certain amounts of time.

You need to check with your local laws before you start playing poker online.

Generally speaking, it is illegal to gamble online and it is against the law to gamble in any way where cash is involved.

Poker sites are not the only places where people gamble illegally.

Online card games and bingo are also becoming popular places for people to play.

These are illegal, even if you are playing for money.

However, since the charges for using a credit card to fund your account are so high, many players would rather play for fun in their spare time and thus, online card games and bingo are becoming a way for them to do just that.

One of the first things that you should ask yourself when thinking about playing any card games online is whether or not it is legal where you live.

There are some areas in the U.S. where it is illegal to conduct the above-mentioned activities.

Therefore, you should check with the local authorities before you begin playing.

If you are in doubt, you may wish to consider stopping the game altogether rather than risking your legal status.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you can be prosecuted for using illegal gambling devices.

This is something that is not limited to card games.

Video poker machines and poker software are illegal in most states as well due to the way they take advantage of inexperienced or poor financial status individuals.

There are even some states where it is illegal to gamble with your credit card or debit card.

Is it illegal to have a poker tournament online?

The answer to this question will probably depend on who you are talking to.

Most people who frequent online poker rooms and chat rooms are quite happy to tell you that it is perfectly legal to enter such tournaments provided that you know the rules and cons of the game.

Winning is not everything and you do risk spending money if you are playing with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Is it illegal to have a trang casino trực tuyến uy tín sòng phẳng poker game on the Internet?

The short answer to this question is no.

You can certainly play card games and poker online for recreational reasons.

However, you may wish to exercise care when selecting sites that you use.

Spending a few dollars on your personal information and security on a site can keep you from getting into legal trouble.

Do steroids make you stronger?


Do steroids make you stronger?

There are many arguments on both sides of the argument about steroids and how they will help build a strong and healthy body.

Some say that it will give you faster results, but this is not really true.

There are some steroids that will give you quicker results but there are also some that will give you longer-lasting and healthier effects.

So before taking any kind of anabolic steroids, it is important to know the answer to this question: Do steroids make you stronger?

Steroids have both anabolic and catabolic effects.

Anabolic steroids are known to increase muscle mass while catabolic steroids reduce the rate of muscle loss.

Although they may help in building up muscle mass, they can also damage your kidneys and liver if taken in excessive amounts.

Anabolic steroids increase energy levels, which may lead to increased exercising as well as you can see here

They are also known to cause weight gain in the beginning stages of usage.

Now, let us look at the negative effects of taking these anabolic steroids.

Steroids have a tendency to shrink muscles, making them appear flabby or even lose shape completely.

This can lead to a number of problems including injury.

As a result of these side effects, it is advised to consult your physician when you want to start using such products.

If you do not use these products correctly, it can even lead to other problems and diseases.

It is essential to know what to expect from these products and how it will affect your health in order to use them in a healthy way.

The most common misconception when it comes to steroid use is that they will give you huge muscles.

The truth is, steroids are mostly used in order to reduce body fat, increase strength, and improve athletic performance.

So when people ask “Do steroids make you stronger?” it is safe to say that they will not make you stronger in any way.

When it comes to building muscle, there is actually no scientific answer as to whether or not anabolic steroids work.

It really depends on how much you want to build your muscle mass and how much protein you need in order to achieve your goals.

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The more you train with weights the more protein your body needs to replace the muscle mass lost due to inactivity.

The best way to decide if anabolic steroids work for you is to do intense weight training and see what kind of results you get.

While there is no denying that anabolic steroids can be used wisely, they should not be abused due to the serious side effects they can cause.

In addition to causing major health problems such as cancer, they can also destroy your sexual drive and even affect your bone density.

The safest way to build a healthy body is to follow a sound nutritional program and allow yourself plenty of rest to recover from hard training.

Moving To A Different State For A Lineman Job


Moving To A Different State For A Lineman Job

My husband and I have four children, and because of the expenses involved in raising a family these days, it’s important that we both remain employed as much as possible.

The economy in our area certainly doesn’t help that situation.

When he was recently laid off from a job that he’d had for over eleven years, we realized that we would probably have to move to a different location if we wanted to remain financially solvent.

We began to search online for lineman jobs and hoped that something would materialize soon.

Because my husband and I were both raised by single parents on welfare, we did not want that sort of life for our children.

It’s really frustrating when you’re willing and able to work as hard as necessary to provide for your family when you live in a community where opportunities to do so are scarce.

Fortunately, he was able to find a good-paying job in another state, and we relocated to that community six months ago.

Although we miss our friends and family back home, being able to provide for.

Various Medical Careers

Some people forget that there are other medical careers besides just being a doctor or nurse.

There are also various back end medical career paths that some people enjoy taking.

These can be office jobs or service type jobs.

Doing testing for patients can be a vocation that can pay a lot of money to the trained individual.

Usually, medical career training for these types of jobs comes in the form of a two year, or less, degree.

There are many places that allow a working parent to attend classes at night so that they can keep earning a living for their children during the day until they get their career on track.


Careers are something that benefits not only one person but everybody that that person comes into contact with.

The reason for this is that by having a career a person probably went to college and worked very hard for years.

They are at the top of their class and social area, and usually are extremely educated.

By attending college and earning a degree a person will see that they make heaps more money than the normal person and that they are having a positive influence on the world as a whole, as well as their community.

This is why you should make sure to attend college and get a degree.

Discussing Bankruptcy In Hackensack

Being in a constant state of financial bind is constricting in more ways than one.

If you’re at a point where you don’t know what you are going to do about your bills or how you will ever catch up, it may be time to discuss bankruptcy.

Hackensack has many different bankruptcy lawyers that will look at what you are dealing with and help you determine if filing for bankruptcy in Hackensack is the right choice for you.

Some people think of bankruptcy in Hackensack and quickly dismiss the idea because they have heard about the negative effects bankruptcy can have on their credit as well as the negative stigma that goes with it,

Such as repairing the machine with the help of codes, Samsung Washer Dryer Error D5

When it is avoidable, most people don’t want bankruptcy in Hackensack.

They want to pay their bills, but in many cases, those who are facing conditions where bankruptcy in Hackensack is imminent have probably paid a lot of extra money to debtors in fees and interest.

But discussing bankruptcy in Hackensack doesn’t ultimately mean that will be what you do.

There are also services such as debt settlement and consolidation that in some cases are the better choice.

But if you do decide to pursue your bankruptcy options in Hackensack you will likely get a reprieve from many of the bill collectors that call you, and even that can give some people enough of a chance and figure out a plan to get back on your feet financially.

Even admitting to yourself that bankruptcy in Hackensack might be in your future can be hard, but sometimes it is a necessary hurdle that eventually leads to a better life.


How to advertise correctly

What is a quality advertising product and what not to do?

The main part of the requests with which clients-advertisers come to us, in general terms, looks like this:

“We want our Salehoo review to be interesting to consumers.”

It is trite but true: the key emotion that firms crave from their advertising campaign is interest in products.

And only with the plus sign.

How do you get such a product?

Many people remember high-quality, ideological videos on TV and radio stations.

For example, “World History.

Bank “Imperial” “or a surprisingly detailed advertisement for vodka” Smirnoff “from the distant 90s.

Why is it so memorable?

Because we approached the development of the video sequence as thoroughly as possible.

This does not necessarily mean expensive large-scale shoots with complex graphics or inviting a famous actor to read the text in the audio clip.

For a high-quality advertising product, a good idea, well-written text, and, most importantly, professional production are enough.

Good graphic advertising does not arouse disgust and educates taste, and video and audio clips with correct stress in words and simply listening to the text evoke pleasant emotions in the consumer.

What not to do – Advertising in detail

In the last 12 years, just since the first wave of the 2008 crisis, advertising products have been poor.

In view of the widespread budget savings, the content of the advertising product, whether it be a video sequence or an audio clip, is left to the mercy of the advertising companies themselves.

In order to save money, businessmen strive to independently come up with a concept and script for a video, text, or song.

A similar “model” is already being brought to the agency to make “something” out of it.

But the same builder or retailer is not a writer, screenwriter, or designer.

It turns out what it turns out… One might say that due to such an “initiative” an adequate connection between the entrepreneur and the consumer of the product is lost. It doesn’t work to arouse interest, but negative is easy.

And that’s why.

If the rules for advertising products are not followed, then the effect is directly opposite to interest.

People look at banal fonts, bad graphics, get used to the wrong accents, and begin to think that this is normal, or perceive such a product as a source of negative emotions.

In today’s print and video ads, typographic rules are lame on both legs.

Not everyone understands that font is important.

You can’t do with, say, Times New Roman and other stamps.

For a high-quality, interesting, and eye-pleasing product, individual type design is required so that its style and appearance are clearly associated with the product in the mind.

The same problems with the layout – the text is not aligned, not centered, plus there is a widespread love for capital letters, which is appropriate only in logos or, in extreme cases, to discharge letters.

The rules for writing telephone numbers are not followed either.

How to advertise correctly

Leaves much to be desired and color filling.

Objects can be crookedly cut and pasted into a questionable background, regardless of the rule of uniformity of lighting – in different colors, with blurry edges, with violations of geometry and perspective.

A separate headache for domestic advertising is slogans.

Often unjustified, bordering on delirium, according to the legendary principle “Whoever takes a pack of tickets will get a pump.”

Widespread stylistic and logical errors in the text.

Often the sentence is written in such a complex way that it is impossible to understand what the advertiser wanted to declare.

Speech errors constantly appear in audio and video clips.

There are the same problems in printed matter.

Video advertising also makes a mistake in strong audio compression.

It’s about how the viewer gets the feeling that the volume has increased.

In fact, this is not the case, the volume level does not change – there is a law in this regard, which, alas, does not say anything about sound compression.

But the effect for the viewer is to press the mute button or switch to another channel.

Of course, there are advertising techniques “the worse the better”.

When a “crooked” word is annoying, the video is remembered: “Washed in ordinary washing powder”, “Tell me, what am I doing here?” or a poster with the words “Balconies Glazing”.

Yes, of course, this is also an interest, but with a minus sign.

But it is unlikely that this goal was set by the advertiser.

Separately, these nuances seem like little things, but these are the details in which the devil is hidden.

All of the above errors of the advertiser tell the consumer about disrespect, which is why the name and product of the company are discredited.

Nowadays aesthetic pleasure is provided to consumers only by single, but, in the bulk, foreign videos (for example, auto advertising).

Domestic business often saves on the production of a video.

But, paradoxically, it does not save on rotation at all.

And the sums of money are incomparable.

For example, a TV commercial may be bad, and its production will cost about 2–3 thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, the cost of a minute in primetime on the main channels exceeds 1 million rubles.

That is, if a minute of airtime for advertising in prime time costs 1 million rubles, then one display of a 5-second video will cost 83,000 rubles.

In fact, the development of a “turnkey” advertising product by professionals in this field is only 0.5-1% of the same cost of rotation in TV and radio broadcasts, which allows you to keep within the budget.

Now, especially during the crisis, when consumer capacity is falling, it is simply necessary to revive the culture of advertising production with the help of the services of professionals in the field.

Only in this case, emotions will be correct, and the products will find a response from the consumer. 

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When it comes to a person same plumbing, occasionally it is engrossing to intend an overview of the subject. With that in mind, we wage you the persona of plumbing finished the phylogenesis of society.

The articulate plumbing derives from the dweller articulate for lead, plumbum. Plumbing is a rank change that entireness with pipes, tubing, and plumbing fixtures that are fashioned to wage potable liquid and to pipage waste. Plumbing dates backwards to the early civilizations. The Romans, Persians, Indians, and Asiatic every had base plumbing systems. They were ofttimes participating with the cater of liquid and squander remotion was careless at best. It was in the palaces of the rulers that whatever of the early examples of interior plumbing were found. The ordinary people were pretty such on their own.

It was not that grouping did not desire richness and concealment when performing base functions. Archaeologists in China fresh unearthed a 2,000 assemblage older commode in a spot shapely for an Emperor. It was rank with streaming water, a pericarp seat, and a easy armrest. Of course, since it was in a tomb, it was witting for ingest after his death. There were rattling rattling lowercase improvements in plumbing methods and materials for centuries. A qualifying of Queen Elizabeth prefabricated an endeavor to concoct a “privy” that would wage the Queen Mother with a lowercase comportment and privacy, but he became a happy hit as a termination of his efforts. Another digit cardinal eld would transfer before more earnest attempts would be made.

Source: plumber levittown

The conception of the dowse commode is widely acknowledged to be the impact of digit saint Crapper who was a author plumber in the 19th century

While it was genuine that he did papers individual plumbing inventions, and headlike a class that produced, among another things, toilets, another men had actually finished the actual inventing before he came along. In World War I, dweller doughboys in England saw the study of Crapper’s class on toilets around London. They coined the constituent “crapper”, and it has cragfast especially in the military.

It was not until the mid 19th century that open sanitation, the requirement for potable water, the comely voiding of waste, and modify the lawful habit of washing became common. It haw hit been because of the actualisation of the unification between unhealthful conditions and disease. The brainstorm of bacterium and the discernment of their persona in diseases that had been ending grouping since the daybreak of instance haw hit been the accelerator that spurred the ontogeny of plumbing. It haw hit meet been that its instance had arrived along with the another subject advances that hit led us into a newborn edge.

Plumbing was sure a ontogeny industry during that Golden geezerhood when the humane concern was converting from no plumbing to flooded plumbing. Between the eld of 1928 and 1954, the sales of plumbing products and liquid vaporisation equipment went from 498 meg dollars a assemblage to a staggering 2.33 1000000000 dollars a year. Now, potable or innocuous liquid is required by accumulation in most matured nations. Proper cleaning and the innocuous remotion of squander is the acknowledged norm. Plumbing has embellish a symbolisation of civilization, and retains its locate among the ranks of the rank professions of the world.


Health from Nature

Free radicals cause turmoil within the body.

Oxidation occurs inside the body during the normal process of metabolism. It is also caused by air pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, sunlight, environmental chemicals and exposure of metals and biological materials (including food) to oxygen.

A free radical is an unstable molecule, often a form of oxygen, that reacts with other molecules in a destructive way. Why is this dangerous? Molecules are stable when they have pairs of electrons around their nucleus. When the number is uneven, it is unstable, and that free radical steals an electron from another molecule…this theft of electrons is called oxidation.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that punch holes into our body’s cellular walls, damaging DNA, the genetic material within. As this damage accumulates, our bodies become rusty, like an old car. A rust bucket of a car is likely to break down. A body damaged by free radicals has a reduced capability to combat aging, cancer, hardening of the arteries, and other degenerative changes. An excessive amount of free radicals cause diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

Oxidation at work

Take a bite out of an apple and expose it to the air for a few minutes. The exposed flesh of the apple soon turns brown. That’s oxidation. Oxidation provides needed energy for life, yet within our bodies the process is a two-edged sword. Unfortunately, a small number of the oxygen molecules we breathe are converted within our bodies to unstable free radicals. Free radical-caused oxidation produces premature aging and sets us up for serious illness, including cancer and heart disease. Natalie Angier, science reporter for The New York Times, calls the damage by free radicals “the price we pay for breathing.”

Oxidation is literally decay. Oxidation in our environment is seen as rusting of metal, rotting of meat, browning of apples, and the brittle changes in old rubber. Oxidation in our bodies, like rust or rot, is thought responsible for premature aging, wrinkling of skin, hardening of arteries, stiffening of joints, formation of cataracts, development of cancer…

“Because of overexposure to free radicals, our bodies need help. Because our diets are inadequate, we need to take antioxidant supplements. Premature decay leads to premature aging, degenerative disease, and life-threatening illness.

The link between free radicals and disease

“It’s the most important medical discovery of the last 50 years,” claims a former heart surgeon. “In a few years, Nobel Prizes will be awarded to the scientists who are making these discoveries — Unlocking the secrets of aging, cancer, heart disease, arthritis…and a whole list of medical problems.”

What is this revolutionary discovery? It’s the link between free radical (oxidative) damage and disease. And the former surgeon and heart specialist making these bold statements also claims a 99% success rate reversing heart disease–in patients who have been told they need angioplasty or bypass surgery–with antioxidant therapy.

Robert Willix, Jr. M.D., states his case very strongly, “There is a single cause responsible for aging, cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and a host of other ailments,” he says – free radical damage. Dr. Willix calls nutritional antioxidant therapy the biggest medical breakthrough since Pasteur proposed the germ theory of disease. Poor nutrition leads to disease Many other medical experts are making equally strong statements about the relationship between nutrition and disease. In March 1994, The Alliance for Aging Research, a non-profit senior citizens group in Washington DC, announced that their panel of medical experts had concluded that “a diet rich in antioxidants is effective in guarding against heart disease, cancer, cataracts, and other conditions associated with aging.” Most of us may think that we eat balanced, nourishing meals. However, studies show that at least 80% of Americans do not get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. The most frequently consumed foods are coffee, white bread and sugar, in that order. Not to mention the shortfalls of the prevalent “fast food diet”. Even if we prepare “well-balanced” meals, how can we be sure that the food is not nutrient- poor? Due to over-farming, chemical farming, processing, and refining, the nutrient content of much of our food is questionable. Thus, many believe that the majority of Americans are overfed and under-nourished.

THE NUTRITIONAL SOLUTION: Antioxidants A common term for free radical scavenger is “antioxidant.”

Antioxidants protect our cells from unhealthy oxidation by free radicals. Many components of a healthy diet are, in fact, antioxidants. The two most well known antioxidants are vitamin C and vitamin E. Thousands of research reports have been published in scientific journals all around the world about their importance to health. Vitamin C is water soluble and is important in protecting the “aqueous” parts of our cells and tissues, while vitamin E is oil soluble and protects the “lipid” portions, especially cellular membranes. Antioxidants and other phytochemicals (phyto = plant) are Mother Nature’s protection from assaults by free radicals. Masquelier’s OPCs are as much as 20 times more potent than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E in their ability to provide antioxidant protection. The potential benefits of antioxidants appear more obvious with each study on nutrition and disease. Some experts even predict that antioxidants will revolutionize health care – that we’ll be able to test your sensitivity to oxidative stress, treat you accordingly with specific supplements, and extend life longer than anyone currently thinks possible. “One key to stopping premature aging and preventing many degenerative diseases is for the body to be able to repair the damage that does occur. The other key is to protect the body’s tissue cells from the free radicals before they cause mutations. Antioxidants are substances with free-radical chain-reaction-breaking properties. They include any substance that significantly delays, inhibits, or prevents oxidation caused by free radicals. Phytochemicals are literally chemicals that come from plants. These plant chemicals fight many diseases. Many photochemicals are antioxidants, but they also have other properties, such as stimulating plant growth, and providing color to plants and flavor to vegetables. In humans, phytochemicals enhance the body’s own healing powers.” (Dr. Anderson’s Antioxidant, Anti-aging Health Program, by James W. Anderson, M.D. & Maury M. Breecher, M.P.H., Ph.D., 1996)

Stop the destruction

Is antioxidant therapy really the biggest medical breakthrough of the last 50 years? We believe it is, as do other prominent researchers and physicians. We also foresee that general acceptance of antioxidant therapy in the medical community will be slow. It may be another 20 years before the majority of physicians fully realize it’s importance and potential.

Until then, we can sympathize with Louis Pasteur, father of the last great breakthrough in modern medicine, who was widely ridiculed for proposing that surgeons should wash their hands before operating. WHO IS DR. JACK MASQUELIER? In 1947, Professor Jack Arthur Masquelier was the first to hold the result of his first patented invention in the palm of his hand: oligomeric proanthocyanidins, better known as OPCs. Dr. Masquelier’s products have a proven scientific track record of over half a century. They have been validated in France by the Ministry of Health and production takes place under control of French Pharmaceutical inspection. The antioxidant qualities of MASQUELIER’S� OPCs is what makes them so very potent against free radical attacks usually responsible for the many forms of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer. Medical studies conducted at the University of Illinois demonstrate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of OPCs in the membranes of grape seeds. They have the ability to inhibit all three phases of the cancer process: initiation, promotion and progression.

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Play a Great Range of Slots on Your Smartphone at NextGen Mobile Casinos

To any of our readers, NextGen might feel like one of the smaller casino software developers in the world and we couldn’t really disagree with that, although they do have an established track record of success behind them, having been formed in the late 90s. While they’re one of the older players in the industry, one of the main reasons for them still being considered as something of a smaller developer revolves around their selection of games. Indeed, even if they had released a new game every year that they have been in business, their selection would be larger than it is now.

Another slight issue for many players is that the company only deals in slots. We are firm believers that any casino that is worth playing at, mobile or otherwise, needs to tick certain boxes when it comes to games. An eclectic mix of slots, table games and video poker are the bare minimum for any operator and the latter two are missing from the NextGen portfolio. They have their own game delivery platform, Nix Interactive, but it simply is not the kind of thing that many casinos would take a risk on alone as players expect more than just slots.

It is for this reason that many casinos opt to carry NextGen’s games alongside a more established developer and why the company is likely to remain one of the small fish in the industry. Nevertheless, it has managed to make the best of the situation with various other platforms carrying the NextGen range as standard, not least the well-known Quickfire platform.

NextGen Mobile Games

While NextGen’s scope may be somewhat limited, they have taken the increasing popularity of mobile casino gaming as something of an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Having released only a dozen online slots in as many years, the availability of a whole new industry has seen barely a week go by without a new mobile slot release from the company. Like Microgaming, which is at completely the other end of the spectrum when it comes to size, NextGen has built its own development and delivery platform around HTML5. What this effectively means is that any newly designed and developed game is instantly suitable for desktops, mobile and tablets as soon as it hits the virtual casino floors.

While the company has not shifted away from its vision as a slots only provider and this will continue to mean that it will never be the sole provider behind any mobile casino, the fact that they have reinvented themselves almost puts them in the category of a mobile only developer. Whereas their online slots were showing their age and kind of plugged on with reckless abandon, their mobile slots all feel new, fresh and of excellent quality. Not all of their games are graphical masterpieces by any stretch, but the likes of Genie Wild and Medusa indicate a certain level of proficiency and commitment to the mobile gaming market that is always a pleasure to see. It is also no coincidence that NextGen has been picking up industry awards for the first time in recent months, which indicates just how far they have come as a developer.

Where to Play NextGen Mobile Games

As noted, NextGen never looked likely to be the kind of casino developer that was going to single-handedly power a mobile casino. Fortunately, a common trend in the industry at the moment is to pull together as many different developers as possible for a wide and varied selection of games. After all, different players have different ideas of what makes a good game, not to mention their own personal favourites and if a mobile casino wants to sign up such a player as a member then it is up to them to ensure that such a game is available on their platform.

Two of the biggest names in mobile casino gaming that operate as such games aggregators are Vera&John Mobile Casino and Leo Vegas. At each of these operators you can enjoy literally dozens of games on your smartphone or tablet, although the most important thing in our coverage of NextGen is of course that all of the company’s slots are also available as part of that range. With the likes of Microgaming taking care of table games and video poker, NextGen has a thoroughly suitable route to market where they can focus on what they do best. You can find out all about Vera&John Mobile and Leo Vegas, two of our most highly recommended operators, in the mobile casino review section here on the site.


How To Gain From Networking: The Spirit Of Generosity

A simple, but effective, training tool for learning to network is learning to be generous. Think of most networking functions. Most people are too petrified to do more than stand around. Some stand alone. Others huddle in groups with friends they brought along or with people they barely know. Mixed in with the frightened masses are a few outgoing people who step up to a new group, or new person, and ask what they do.

Most of us are grateful to be talking to anyone, but there is a mercenary quality to the question;

  • “So what do you do?”
  • Seminar presenters and book-writers pull down big books teaching you how to answer the question, “So what do you do?”, but how many people hear the unspoken words that follow it?
  • So what do you do, and how can I profit from it?
  • So what do you do, so I can determine whether I need to move on to someone else?
  • So what do you do, and answer quickly so I can tell you what I do.

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone what they do, but the intention behind the question is seldom curiousity. It’s a transaction of information – and it’s why we hate networking. So I want you, both as a candidate, and as a salesperson (and we’re all salespeople), to think of networking in a new light. Networking opportunities, whether they be user groups, career fairs, industry conferences, or standing in line at the local grocery store should be boiled down to one goal – Get the other person to view you as a generous individual.

We love generous people, if you are one of them you can click here to find others. From big-hearted philanthropists to gift-bestowing grannies to Santa Claus, the idea of someone giving without requiring something in return is an indicator of a good soul, a kind spirit, and in most cases, a very effective icebreaker. The way to do so is simple to say;

“My name is Jim Durbin, and I’d like to know what I can help you with.”

Now, you should use your own name, but this little sentence will change the way you view networking events. When you approach someone, think of your goal as finding a way to help them. Give them advice, a number, a name, a website. Introduce them to someone else you met. Offer to get them a drink. Do anything that will make their lives easier and help them fulfill their goals. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but it does have to be sincere. The benefit of sincerely wanting to help people is that you gain, both in personality and stature, when you adopt a giving attitude. And in most cases, the cost of giving is small, and the impact, much bigger.

You can’t go through life giving and not have it affect you.

This is the best part of the exercise. The intangible benefits of helping other people gain you the advantages that you hoped to procure by networking in the first place, but not in a tit-for-tat manner. You’re building a network of good will that helps them. Just as profit is created from raw materials through the exchange of goods, benefit is generated in excess of the cost through successful networking, which means everyone who chooses to participate, wins. This manner of thinking is counterintuitive, but correct. And for those who are scratching their heads, the idea of generousity does not apply to your entire life.

Giving away all you earn or your services or time for free is a quick route to the poorhouse.

The principle of giving in networking only applies to small cost, large impact decisions. So be generous. Learn to help others. Pass around names. Take the time to give numbers. Actually call your contacts and tell them to talk to the person you offered to help. Send the email from your phone while standing there. Take the focus off your needs and put it on others, and you’ll find that networking boosts your energy and productivity, instead of being another chore you slog through.

Bottom line

To a stingy man, the world is a window to be closed, keeping what is yours and preventing others from taking it. To a generous man, the world beckons like an open doorway, promising riches, excitement, and pleasure the rest of his day. Networking isn’t just about finding leads, or job prospects, or people who can help you. It’s about improving your social skills, gaining critical knowledge, and branding yourself as a go-to candidate. Take the focus off yourself, and you will find that people respond to good will.