Computer World and Sony Dream World in Paris

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Computer World and Sony Dream World in Paris

Today we will go back in time and remember one of the best gatherings ever, it happened in Paris, 2003! 

This was one of my first interviews and it happened with nobody else but Pekka!? 🙂

A Senior Manager Of Mobile Game Development at Nokia? That was huge back in the days!

At the European Games Developers Conference (European Games Developers Conference) held in London, UK…

Vesa-Pekka Kirsi, a senior manager in charge of mobile game development at Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, said:

The future R&D strategy for the mobile phone premium game market will attract more consumers, which may break the current situation where the mobile game market mainly targets young consumers.

Kirsi said that with the development of communication technology, large-scale game development companies are now beginning to expand in the mobile game field.

For small game companies that previously occupied a certain space in this field, they are in the mobile game market.

Shang had to fight for survival.

Kirsi also said:

“It is foreseeable that the ‘survivor game’ in the game market will continue, because game companies large and small are trying to find the best living environment suitable for the company’s development.

Compared with 12 months ago, it is currently entering mobile market.

The game market is much more difficult, because many well-known video game manufacturers are now focusing on the mobile market, such as Electronic Arts, Sony, etc.

And some small game companies are not far behind and are still Survival is struggling.”

Kirsi said, the current mobile game market has nothing to compete.

However, competition among game manufacturers can give birth to new game markets, like Rise of Kingdoms Homepage.

For example, small investments can be used to attract specific game players, such as female game consumers, because in Europe, more than half of women have their own Mobile phones, so there must be a huge potential market here.

Kirsi also said that Nokia has achieved a leap in the field of game development by acquiring the game originator Sega this summer.

Nokia is currently trying to consider simplifying all its mobile game development procedures to encourage its game developers to launch newer game ideas, thereby attracting more consumers.

In addition, there are other ways to achieve the growth of mobile games.

For example, the current wireless game played between two players often requires an ordinary wireless connection, which requires high communication costs.

The Nokia 6600 launched by Nokia supports the Bluetooth function, which can help groups in a room to achieve joint games.

The price is low and I believe it will attract some consumers.

Nokia will launch a gaming phone called N-Gage in October of this year.

N-Gage looks more like a gaming device.

Nokia said that in order to make the mobile game cake bigger, they have set up a publishing department to develop game software for N-Gage.

Kirsi finally said, “Of course, the mobile game market still has to endure that the image of mobile games has a certain gap in clarity compared with dedicated game consoles and PC games.

But we believe that with the continuous development of mobile communication technology and the increase in network transmission speed, I think this will not become an obstacle to the development of mobile games.”

Sony Group held its annual “Sony Dream World” in Paris, France yesterday (2003).

During the conference, its subsidiary Sony Ericsson simultaneously released three new mobile phones, T230, Z200, and Z600.

Among them, T230 is the brand’s first gaming phone with a specially designed control panel, showing that Sony is facing Nokia’s scheduled global launch of the N-Gage gaming phone in October, and is ready to prevent Nokia from aggressively attacking the mobile gaming market.

Taiwan’s Sony Ericsson General Manager Ye Shun-fa pointed out that according to GFK’s statistics of Taiwan’s mobile phone sales in July, Motorola leads Nokia by 24% with 28%.

However, the two major brands have succeeded because of the success of Korean, OKWAP and BENQ.

The drop below 30% also highlights the popularity of Korean-style clamshell shell machines in the consumer market.

Sony Ericsson sees that the shell machine is currently sweeping 49% of the Taiwanese mobile phone market and decided to launch the first shell machine Z600 in GSM/GPRS in October.

The Z200 color screen mobile phone is scheduled to be launched after October.

It is a new type of mobile phone commissioned by Taiwanese OEMs.

Ye Shun-fa emphasized that the current market share of camera phones with built-in digital cameras in Taiwan has not exceeded 10%, and it is estimated that it will increase to 30% next year.

Among the camera phones currently on the market, the Sony Ericsson T610 has been favored by the consumer market at an initial price of 10,000 yuan, showing that the price is an important factor that determines the success of camera phones in the future.