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Ed Sheeran Trusts Just Four People…And His Wife

It can’t be easy being a world-class musician.

Going up on stage virtually every single night, singing and playing your heart out to scores of adoring crowds.

The problem is, when you do this, everybody seems to say that they love you just because they want something.

Turns out that this has put doubts in the mind of Ed Sheeran.

He recently opened up about the fact that crippling anxiety means that he only trusts five people in his life.

Ed Sheeran said that the pressures of fame are what have brought this upon.

He claimed that he no longer feels like a real person.

He feels as if he is nothing more than an animal in a zoo.

This has resulted in a lack of trust of people and, as Ed Sheeran claims, one of the reasons why he ended up moving away from London to the United States.

He felt that the clean slate would clear his mind to some degree.

Even now, he suffers from anxiety with regards to his wife.

He is not sure why she is still with him, despite the crippling anxiety that he currently suffers from.

Hopefully, he can deal with the issues soon.

Turns out, if you want to talk to Ed Sheeran, just walk over and talk to him.

He says that as long as you are not whipping out your camera to take a video of him, everything should be cool.

His new album launches this week.