England vs Uruguay – When Will They Learn?

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England vs Uruguay – When Will They Learn?

England vs Uruguay – When Will They Learn?

At the back of a disappointing early exit from the World cup, England would look to rebuild at the earliest.

Their last game against Costa Rica gives them the opportunity to test the untested to try the untried.

(And what better opportunity to test that than against Costa Rica) But before that, they would love to take a moment and reflect on what went wrong.

Costa Rica is living their dream out here having already progressed from the Group of Death, which was an apt name for all the casualties.

So a win against Costa Rica would hugely boost their attempt at rebuilding.

Here let’s try and see the bigger picture straight from the start, England played Italy but lost to a critically timed winner by Balotelli and then they lost to Luis Suarez carrying a bad knee.

What went wrong from point A to point B and then from there to point C.

Wish I knew some good and best bookmakers for sports betting before this game, that’s how much I am disappointed!

THE ROONEY PROBLEM: Sterling was appreciated and Rooney was blamed.

This shows us the Rooney problem.

Wayne Rooney is no doubt a very versatile player even capable of playing at Centre Back but it won’t be wise to put him there.

Roy Hodgson looked like he was still managing Liverpool, no wonder England looked like Liverpool.

The fact is Wayne Rooney is best utilized as a Second Striker where he can display his passing ability and his eye for goal.

At left-wing he felt completely out of sorts and out of pitch to his left.

THE HODGSON PROBLEM: England had a plan B but Roy Hodgson didn’t.

His tactics were doctored like a novice would create a Fantasy Team, fit your best players at all the positions.

His selection was predictable and his substitutions were uninspired.

Rickie Lambert was playing to the surprise of many and Wilshere wasn’t to the surprise of the remaining.

Lack of an Engine:

Gone are the days where a 4-4-2 meant 4 of the keeper’s closest teammates (closest here is strictly based on the distance measured from the player under consideration at time t=0).

The positions have become very flexible allowing more fluidity to the game.

There are games where Fullbacks have caused more offsides than wrong decisions by the linesman.

England desperately needs a player capable of running up and down a pitch, they needed their Ramires or Vidal or Pogba.

Misplaced Attack Mindedness:

The problem with England mainly was their lack of directness.

They had talent and guile and passing and ability in attack but not anything that causes the ball to land in the back of the net days in days out.

It started with too many strikers on the pitch and ended up with the fullbacks living their childhood dream of being a striker.

Rooney and Welbeck were consisting squeezed backward due to the overly attacking full-backs.

How The Bench stayed the Bench:

England had a flock of upcoming youngsters at their dispense but sadly the only person dispensed was Raheem Sterling.

Adam Lallana, Ross Barkley all big names who will demand big bucks from interested clubs, were all just given the role of Super Sub which as we saw they are not.

Hit by the weather: The cool holidays of English players was spoilt by the Samba sun.

It became obvious when Gary Cahill was reportedly taking advice from Chelsea Teammate David Luiz about how to adjust to the warm weather.

The English looked really tired in the first game from exhaustion and in the second due to dejection.