Modern web layout

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a simple but modern website layout. I, personally, like this kind of layouts so this one looks perfect for me…

1. Make new document, with proportions like on picture below.

2. Make a new layer and name it header. Now, by using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) make a selection with width 800 and height 87 pixels. Place it like on picture below and fill with any color.

Hit CTRL + D to deselect and add following styles (Layer -> Layer Styles)

Drop Shadow

Gradient Overlay

Now, add some text and you can add some shapes, brushes…this is what I came up with.

3. We’re finished with our header now lets proceed to navigation and search bar. By using Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) with radius 2 make new shape, place it like I did.

Now, rasterize your shape layer. To rasterize this layer click on it, go to Layer -> Rasterize -> Layer. Add styles like for header.

Now, copy this layer 5-6 times, depends how much links you’d have, add some text and also, you can add some little shapes to it. Here’s how I did this.

At the end of your buttons add another shape like buttons but make it a bit longer (Transform tool (T)) and another one, smaller. This will be as your search box.

4. Allright, now make 2 smaller boxes. Use Rectangle Marquee Tool (M) , set Smooth to 2 (Select -> Modify -> Smooth) before you make a selection, width 253 height 60. Add layer style like in header and navigation.

You got it? Now, the same way you made these two boxes in step 4. you should make the other boxes. I set them up like this.

Add some titles to these boxes, text and also some icons…

And, at the end add some brushes to these boxes and background to spice a little up your layout!

Now, you got the idea, basics. Go, design layouts,websites. Use your imagination and only sky is your limit!

If you are passionate about web layouts and design why not get an online graphic design degree! With tons of online degree programs available you can find the learning experience that works for you! Online universities will fit into any education schedule!


My Secret to Success

In the last two weeks I’ve been asked to share my secrets to success. Both requests are for events I’m attending and/or doing a presentation. While there are many things that contribute to my success, the #1 thing is this…

My #1 secret is that I invest in working with mentors and coaches. There’s nothing like spending time with someone who has been there, done that. Not only do I want their support and insights, but I want to fast-track my own business and personal growth and development. I’ve invested a lot of money on coaches and every penny has been worth it. Usually I realize there is something missing in my business or something I need to do better.

Then I match it with the person who is expert in that area. I’ll often start by getting to know a person I’m interested in learning from. I’ll follow them, subscribe to their ezine, buy a starter product to see their style and content. I watch and listen to what others are saying. Then, generally after meeting the mentor/coach in person, I’ll know whether or not we’re a good fit. I’ve worked with a lot of exceptional people and each has contributed to an element of my success. If you want to grow, you need to invest in mentoring/coaching. Period.

For the last 9 months I’ve been working with Terri Levine. I had the good fortune to meet Terri in person at a mastermind meeting after having followed and known her for at least 9 years. I was at a point in my business where I was doing pretty well and I knew I needed to take it up a few notches. Terri has an amazing knack for cutting right to the core of the issue and then offering valuable solutions and ideas that create new opportunities and more revenue. She’s tough and loving and doesn’t shy away from giving me a kick in the butt when I need it.

Terri’s in Los Angeles this weekend pr27esenting a two-day workshop on Entrepreneurial Bootstrapping. I know I’ll soak up a lot of great content and be inspired and mentored to continuing achieving great things.

What’s your secret to success?


Why do some people think bullying is no big deal?

Okay there are 2 types of bullying im going address which is minor bullying (once in a blue moon) and severe bullying (everyday).

I get it minor bullying isnt a big deal. This happens to everyone. someone will be mocked, laughed at and beaten once in their life but this only happens to a small amount which really has no major effect on the victims self-esteem and mindset

But severe bullying is a BIG issue. This bullying is where certain victims get harrassed and abused everyday for their appearence, belifes or intrests. This is serious bullying. These can lead to victims losing all their confidence, self-worth and could give them many mental problems (angry, anxeity, paranoia and depression) some even end up killing themselves because they feel like everyone hates the

So why do some people think every type of bullying is no big deal when it has destroyed peoples minds, ended lives and destroyed families. There has always been bullies, this is just the first generation to whine about it. In the past we took care of our own problems. It’s good training for becoming a responsible adult to solve your own problems. And yes, to the other poster, martial arts is a good answer. I’m a 5th degree black belt in Kung Fu and have instructed many. The first step in the arts or in any other method is to defend yourself in the same way you’re attacked. verbal for verbal—physical for physical. What are we raising here….a generation of incapable whiners??? I fear for their future.