Modern web layout

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a simple but modern website layout. I, personally, like this kind of layouts so this one looks perfect for me…

1. Make new document, with proportions like on picture below.

2. Make a new layer and name it header. Now, by using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) make a selection with width 800 and height 87 pixels. Place it like on picture below and fill with any color.

Hit CTRL + D to deselect and add following styles (Layer -> Layer Styles)

Drop Shadow

Gradient Overlay

Now, add some text and you can add some shapes, brushes…this is what I came up with.

3. We’re finished with our header now lets proceed to navigation and search bar. By using Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) with radius 2 make new shape, place it like I did.

Now, rasterize your shape layer. To rasterize this layer click on it, go to Layer -> Rasterize -> Layer. Add styles like for header.

Now, copy this layer 5-6 times, depends how much links you’d have, add some text and also, you can add some little shapes to it. Here’s how I did this.

At the end of your buttons add another shape like buttons but make it a bit longer (Transform tool (T)) and another one, smaller. This will be as your search box.

4. Allright, now make 2 smaller boxes. Use Rectangle Marquee Tool (M) , set Smooth to 2 (Select -> Modify -> Smooth) before you make a selection, width 253 height 60. Add layer style like in header and navigation.

You got it? Now, the same way you made these two boxes in step 4. you should make the other boxes. I set them up like this.

Add some titles to these boxes, text and also some icons…

And, at the end add some brushes to these boxes and background to spice a little up your layout!

Now, you got the idea, basics. Go, design layouts,websites. Use your imagination and only sky is your limit!

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